Slither Gaming first Rocket League team!

Sun 15th May 2016 - 5:49pm : General : Gaming

Slither Gaming is busy with extending their family!

So from today on we can proudly announce that we have our first Rocket League team!
The team exist out of the members Hannes 'Sigma' Wolfs and Jonas 'creepo' De Neys. The team started their trail a couple weeks ago. and is manneging to keep up the hard training!

Sigma started playing Rocket League on ps4 and manged to take 1ste and 3rd places on online tourmanets. But after a few months he choosed to switch platforms so he could keep up the hard work and join 'Slither Gaming'.

We are very proud of u guys and we hope that the future will bring you some nice victory's.



Slither Gaming

Slither Gaming

Slither Gaming

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