Slither Gaming announces their new counter strike team

Thu 17th Mar 2016 - 12:51pm : Gaming


Slither Gaming is announcing that they have a new counter strike global offensive team.
After contacting these boys and having a few meetings, we got an agreement with them.
We are directly accepting them in our ' Slither Gaming Family' and they're going with us to Where they will  participate at the CSGO tournament.


The following members are:

  • Slither Boka aka Jens Bekaert
  • Slither Proxymitt aka Wannes De Roy
  • Slither Shortguy aka scott story
  • Slither TehAtheist aka Thomas Poppe
  • Slither BrechT aka Brecht Neyens
Slither Gaming

Slither Gaming

Slither Gaming

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